måndag 28 september 2009

Second blog

I have come to the part in the book where Manny is visiting his relatives in India. His family and Manny him self have got a long road trip from the airport to the small village where his relatives live. While passing a house on their way to Adumpur, where Manny’s father grew up and where his family still live, I caught the first difference between the different classes in society. The house was big and surrounded by high walls. Compared to the slum they drove through you see this difference quite obvious. No discussion about the society between the characters are mentioned which made me focus on small details.

After their long trip they finally reach Adumpur. A house with a sun bleached colure, some water buffalos standing in the yard and fields are not what Manny expected about this places his father always told him about. I think he was expecting something more outstanding which made him a bit disappointed when he saw it in real life. There were many new faces when Manny was introduced to all his uncles, wives and cousins. The only one who stood out of the crowed was Mohan, a man who worked for his family in the fields.

Manny and Mohan really connected and that was where I caught the differences in small pieces. Mohan is poor and doing every thing for his family. ‘We are all monkeys in the end. It’s just that we do not have tails.’ ‘What we chamarr want and what we are allowed to have, well, that is two different things.’ Mohan was the one who said this and I believe that everyone is the same and should have the same rights, but in this case, money is the problem. Culture and religion has also got an impact on the classes in society and they are mentioned between the characters when they are talking about families, friends, different people and so on.

Tradition has got a very big impact on Manny’s life as you have may noticed in my last blog. Even tough he has got freedom some things he does are not approved by his father. The pressure from his father gets him down and the thought of the wedding his father has planed for him makes the pressure even worse. Manny wants to be approved by his father, but not for the one his father wants him to be.

Elin and Lily, give me comments on how I can improve my language.

onsdag 9 september 2009

(Un)arranged marriage

Manjit is the main character and he prefers to be called Manny. Even though Manny is born and raised in England he has to live under a very strict lifestyle as a Punjabi, an Indian culture. Manny wants to live a normal life without his father nagging him all the time about being a good Punjabi. You get to really know Manny when you read about his thoughts, feelings and how he handles different situations. He is a smart kid with a broken soul. He often does things against his father’s will, which gets him in trouble. His father has already plans for his son’s life, marriage when Manny turns seventeen and he feels like that’s going to be the end of his life.

The author starts off the whole story with writing about Manny in a bathroom, on his way to his own wedding. A wedding planed by his father and a woman who his father has chosen for him is waiting. He is only seventeen, angry but determined to do his own thing, which isn’t to go through with this. By just reading the prologue you know how it all will end. The first chapter takes you back in time and you begin to read about Manny when he’s thirteen. My first thoughts were ‘why is he putting up with this? Couldn’t he say no to his father before the wedding was planed? Why does he let his father treat him that way?’

Manny and his father have got a crappie relationship to be honest. His father, who is a very strict man, has also got an alcoholic problem. When he gets upset his anger turns into violence and Manny becomes the victim. Manny has also got two older brothers, one who’s already married and one how is getting married away at the age of seventeen like Manny him self. He doesn’t get along very well with his brothers all the time, almost never, but we all know siblings are not made for getting along with each other. Manny has got a very hard time at home because of this and it makes him feel depressed. I’m just waiting to find out how it all will end, is Manny going to be happy? Is he going to get married at the age of seventeen and if his relationship with his father is going to improve? Well, I’ve to keep on reading.

onsdag 2 september 2009


Psykologin i skolan börjar verkligne leda någon vart, tycker det är jätte intressant och jag har redan nu efter ett par lektioner börjat se på saker från ett annat perspektiv. Annars så suger skolan som den brukar göra. Ingen träning idag så ska ut och springa med Viktor ikväll.

Är verkligen stressed out, inte för att jag har läxor och så utan för jag ska ha en utbytes student hos mig. Hon kommer nästa vecka och ska stanna här i tio dagar. Jag kommer aldrig kunna kombinera akriviteterna med skolan, som vi ordnar åt dom, och träna! Det är kaos redan nu och jag får så fruktansvärt dåligt samvete när jag inte tränar. Jaja, får bita ihop och göra det bästa av situationen efter som studenten är ju trots allt bara här i tio dagar. Mitt andra bekymmer är dock att jag inte pratat med henne, har ingen aning hur människan är, ser ut eller vill göra när hon kommer. Men det är ju inte allt mitt fel för hon har ju inte tagit kontakt med mig. Allt känns reda fail, inget kommer slå utbytet som jag gjorde när jag gick i åttan, det var så fruktansvärt kul! Jaja, en positiv sak för det ändå med sig, jag åker till Paris till våren i en vecka, det är aldrig fel trots att man varit där innan. Nu ska jag sluta babbla och ner och äta.