måndag 28 september 2009

Second blog

I have come to the part in the book where Manny is visiting his relatives in India. His family and Manny him self have got a long road trip from the airport to the small village where his relatives live. While passing a house on their way to Adumpur, where Manny’s father grew up and where his family still live, I caught the first difference between the different classes in society. The house was big and surrounded by high walls. Compared to the slum they drove through you see this difference quite obvious. No discussion about the society between the characters are mentioned which made me focus on small details.

After their long trip they finally reach Adumpur. A house with a sun bleached colure, some water buffalos standing in the yard and fields are not what Manny expected about this places his father always told him about. I think he was expecting something more outstanding which made him a bit disappointed when he saw it in real life. There were many new faces when Manny was introduced to all his uncles, wives and cousins. The only one who stood out of the crowed was Mohan, a man who worked for his family in the fields.

Manny and Mohan really connected and that was where I caught the differences in small pieces. Mohan is poor and doing every thing for his family. ‘We are all monkeys in the end. It’s just that we do not have tails.’ ‘What we chamarr want and what we are allowed to have, well, that is two different things.’ Mohan was the one who said this and I believe that everyone is the same and should have the same rights, but in this case, money is the problem. Culture and religion has also got an impact on the classes in society and they are mentioned between the characters when they are talking about families, friends, different people and so on.

Tradition has got a very big impact on Manny’s life as you have may noticed in my last blog. Even tough he has got freedom some things he does are not approved by his father. The pressure from his father gets him down and the thought of the wedding his father has planed for him makes the pressure even worse. Manny wants to be approved by his father, but not for the one his father wants him to be.

Elin and Lily, give me comments on how I can improve my language.

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  1. In my opinion there are many good things about your blog. For instance, you used some great linkers such as “even though” and the text was well paragraphed witch made it easy to read. I particularly liked the ending and in my opinion, it was a very clear and good way to finish a text.

    However, there are also things that can be improved. For instance, I think you need to make your introduction as clear as your ending. Try to start your blog with a question, statement or something else that marks that it is the beginning of the text, instead of a description of the plot or a character.

    At the end of the blog, you mentioned that you needed some advice on how to improve your language. Therefore I have listed a few alternatives which might help you to get a more varied vocabulary:

    However: Instead of “but“.
    Example: I like sandwiches, however, I prefer ice cream.

    In other words; A good linker to use when you want to clarify something.
    Example: In Borås, everything is excellent and there are plenty of fun things to do. In other words, Borås is a great city.

    In my opinion: Instead of “I believe” or “I think”.
    Example: In my opinion, Bäckäng is an excellent school.

    Yet: Is often used if you want to describe something or someone.
    Example: The language was formal, yet very easy to understand.

    Such as: Can be used if you want to give exemples.
    Example: I have many hobbies, such as swimming, dancing and reading.

    In addition, you can write “the main character” or “the protagonist” instead of just “Many” or “he”. Also continue to write “even though” ,“I believe” and the other linkers and formal words you have already used!

    After having read all the blogs and comments I think it is very clear that the social levels have an impact on the societies in all three books. However, both Amir, Briony and Manny spend time with lower class citizens, and even though Briony is slightly more prejudiced than the others, they all come across as rather open minded.

    The social traditions however, are very different in McEwan´s novel compared to ”(Un)arranged marriage” and ”The kite runner”. For instance, both Manny´s and Amir´s fathers seam to have a big impact on the protagonists lifestyles and decisions. In ”Atonement” however, Briony´s father is rarely present and their relationship is not very significant.

    Last but not least, I would like to wish you good luck with your final blog!


  2. Great job with your second blog! Once again your text is well structured. Your languare is good, but it could be a bit more varied.

    I believe Elin has mentioned the things you can improve. I can't think of anything else to add for your improvement.

    It is fascinating how similar the two books are, while being so different!

    Good luck with your final blog!